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Unified and fast cloud native environments built from code

We provide cloud packages for building modern environments for any organizations that create applications and need to develop and deploy them fast

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We love cloud, but our environments can also run on any on-premise hardware. Kubernetes helps us to provide a unified approach with reliability, scalability and security in mind.

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Did we mention that these environments are provided as code that is upgradeable, testable, and constantly improved like your software?

We believe that's the way how all environments should be maintained these days.

  1. Easy and fast development flow - from commit to production in minutes

    Need more speed? Tired of waiting for manual tasks or tickets issued hours or days ago? The environments we build have everything you need to start continuous integration process immediately after a commit to a git repository and deployment to production can finish in a few minutes.
  2. Scalable for many teams working with different languages or frameworks

    Different teams working on various projects using multiple technologies shouldn't slow you down. We create CI/CD pipelines that leverage containers and unify approach across your organization to make the development as smooth and flexible as possible. We welcome diversity at all levels and we enable it by creating perfect environments for each technology your teams choose.

  3. Use any infrastructure

    You use the cloud already? That's great - we will help you to avoid vendor lock-in and prepare you for potential migration or adoption multi-cloud strategy in the future. For some reason you prefer to use your own hardware? We will support your decision, because our environments can run on almost any hardware and the provide the highest level of automation. If you decide to use the cloud at some later time, it will be a very easy and even boring transition.

  4. Leverage advanced deployment techniques

    Canary release, rolling update, blue/green deployments, A/B testing, multi-branch testing and deployment - all of these techniques will help you to provide better applications and they are available easily in the environments we craft.

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About us

Tomasz Cholewa

Co-founder of Cloud Code Labs

I love creating Cloud Native environments for our customers, because they not only speed up innovation, but also unlock the full potential of people working there.

Jakub Hajek

Co-founder of Cloud Code Labs

I strongly believe that implementing DevOps culture across the entire organisation, should provide a measurable value and solve a real issue rather than generate a new one.

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